söndag 10 oktober 2010


The birch and the star Tobaksmagasinet 2014-15
Journey (installation) 2014

Departure (sculpture with light and sound) 2014

Nestling (lightsculpture with water) 2014

Still Life Cikoriamuseet, Jakobstad 2011

Sisters with bows, 2010

"Still Life" installation, 2010
Twilight hour,  Seinäjoki, Finland 2010

Women and War, 2010 Umeå, Härnösand in Sweden 

Vasa Arthall 2008
 The exhibition the Front dealt with roles, rituals and to confront matters repressed underneath the surface.

Helsinki 2007
The exhibition Just a moment with sculptures and installations in the crypt of the Helsinki Cathedral had over 2000 visitors during two weeks. With the artwork in Just a moment I wanted to create an experience of walking into secret rooms with frozen moments that one usually does not have time to dwell in.

Insight, 2007 (stoneware)

Well I (stoneware, water)

Nightsight, 2007 (black stoneware, lights)

City, 2007 (stoneware)

Golden section, 2006 (red stoneware)