söndag 10 oktober 2010



The golden section 2006, detail

The sculptures are about our our pysical being and how we exist in time and space with our personal memories as an invisible but crucial part of our lives.

I want to make sculptures and installations of subjects that despite the complexity of life disregards the solid structures (borders) and regards life with a bold and curious look.

The leap, 2008 (stoneware, wood)

My sculptures often build on contrasts, both regarding content but also the exterior. I like to juxtapose opposites like light-darkness, weight-lightness, outside-inside. In the contrast between the frail and the massive I find pictures of the complexity of existence, a sense of both the weight and the lightness of life.

Reflection (stoneware, glass, lights and water)

Well I (stoneware, water)

Well II (stoneware, water)